Rskkids as your preschool of choice?


Your pre-school of choice?

Looking for the best pre-school experience for you and your si kecil?

Are you very supportive, positive and a team player?

If your answer is YES. Rskkids wants you!

Rskkids as your pre-school of choice?

Here are few reasons, why?

Facilities & Comfort 

  • Condusive learning environment
  • Flexible learning space for activities
  • Water purifiers  for drinking
  • Classroom with air-conditioner

Safety & Health

  • Monitored by 24 hrs CCTV
  • Daily morning Health Screening & Healthy food menu for kids
  • Gate control access system for authorised personnel only (2019)

Educators & Parents

  • Qualified and experienced teachers with Diploma/Degree In Early Childhood Education
  • Trained with strict in house standard quality assessment system
  • Fun, dedicated and loving team
  • Supportive and positive parents, working together for si kecil benefits


  • Creative curriculum which integrate interactive (Smart Start STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) and thematic teaching methods in all subjects including Pendidikan Islam.
  • Child Centered ‘Learning by Doing’ with High Order Thinking Skills (HOTS)
  • Interactive Smart Touch board used as part of 21st Century Learning Approach.
  • Rskkids Club – joy of learning beyond classroom setting (Elemen Merentas Kurikulum EMK). e.g. WaterPlay, Stepping Into Science, Archery, Messy ArCraft, Little Chef-preneur & Special Projects
  • English Medium in compliance with CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference)

First Class School Management System

  • Parents able to register and access school management system online
  • Checking outstanding fees, school taqwim, latest bulletin, class schedule, menus etc just a click a way.
  • Able to monitor si kecil’s detailed progress online
  • School fees can be made via bank transfer and will be updated in real time.
  • WA group exclusively for parents and staffs

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