Rskkids as your preschool of choice?


Looking for the best preschool experience for you and your Si kecil?

Are you very supportive, positive and a team player?

If your answer is YES. Rskkids wants you!

Rskkids as your preschool of choice?

Here are few reasons why.

Facilities & Comfort 

  • Condusive learning environment
  • Flexible learning space for activities
  • Water purifiers  for drinking
  • Classroom with air-conditioner

Safety & Health

  • Monitored by 24 hrs CCTV
  • Daily morning Health Screening & Healthy food menu for kids
  • Gate control access system for authorised personnel only (2019)

Educators & Parents

  • Qualified and experienced teachers with Diploma/Degree In Early Childhood Education
  • Trained with strict in house standard quality assessment system
  • Fun, dedicated and loving team
  • Supportive and positive parents, working together for si kecil benefits


  • Creative curriculum which integrate interactive (Smart Start STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) and thematic teaching methods in all subjects including Pendidikan Islam.
  • Child Centered ‘Learning by Doing’ with High Order Thinking Skills (HOTS)
  • Interactive Smart Touch board used as part of 21st Century Learning Approach.
  • Rskkids Club – joy of learning beyond classroom setting (Elemen Merentas Kurikulum EMK). e.g. WaterPlay, Stepping Into Science, Archery, Messy ArCraft, Little Chef-preneur & Special Projects
  • English Medium in compliance with CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference)

First Class School Management System

  • Parents able to register and access school management system online
  • Checking outstanding fees, school taqwim, latest bulletin, class schedule, menus etc just a click a way.
  • Able to monitor si kecil’s detailed progress online
  • School fees can be made via bank transfer and will be updated in real time.
  • WA group exclusively for parents and staffs


Parents Testimonials

You guys are wonderful teacher and have provided such a great care to our kids. That’s actually the main reason why I send Alesha here. Besides good module and great facilities

Puan Juliana bt Borhan


What I love about RSK:
– effort of teacher to update me on my child progress on daily/weekly basis (ie: via whatsapp)
– the variety of activity for my child to involve (in class/ outdoor)
– teacher’s personality, ie: regardless how tired the teachers are, they always smile to welcome parent and student
– opportunity for free trial session
– effort of the teacher to approach me for any matter case

Puan Nor Izzati Najlaa bt Roslan


Finding the right kindy can be very challenging and mind tiring. After 3 kindy in 2 years, I finally found the right one for my little girl. The facility and the school environment is very clean and cozy. Not only that the teacher are awesome and super friendly, they also very creative and find creative way to ensure the little ones is happy at school. No regrets sending my little daughter here.

Puan Ummi Farah Nadiah Bt Shaharuddin


Setiap awal pagi, bersemangat untuk ke sekolah kerana setiap aktiviti yang dilakukan menarik minat pelajar.Sangat menyanyangi guru kerana guru berjaya menjalankan tugas semaksimum mungkin

Puan Azlina Idris

I think this school really suitable for my daughter. The teachers, the environment and surroundings make the learning process easier. I can definitely see the changes in my daughter.
The school also provide many activities using skill to improvise my child ability.
I would definitely recommend this school to parents that searching for more than just learning for their child. This school would be the best school to improvise children ability in learning and also in day to day living.

Puan Atiqah binti Zakaria


Teaching and learning are interactive and enjoyable. School applies different types of activities and methodologies in delivering the knowledge to the kids.
-> School environment are clean and conducive.
-> Teachers are friendly and professional.
-> The fees are affordable.
-> In the aspect of child development, I can see an improvement in my child, such as learning (all offered subjects), behaviors, social skills and emotional considerations.
-> My child is happy and enjoy going to school everyday.

Thank you teachers!!

Puan Masurah and En Muhammad Zul Khidir

We welcome parents to visit us by making an appointment. Places are limited! First come first serve basis.

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