What makes Rskkids a smart preschool?

Advance School Information System (ASIS)

  • Parents would be able to access to Rskkids Management System.
  • Online registration. No more filling up registration forms!
  • It allows parents to access Rskkids Yearly Takwim (School Calendar), your fee details, Fee Reminder and Child Performance Report.
  • Teachers use ASIS to update si kecil’s performance, communication with the management, Lesson plan Resources, Teaching Manuals etc


Usage of Smart Interactive Board

  • Able to accommodate different learning styles
  • Interactive -Si kecil do better when they are fully engaged, and hands-on learning is the best way to do it.

Because it’s a touchscreen, multiple students can use the board at once. This means they can work together to solve the problem while building relationships with one another.

  • Online learning resources –

    Being connected to a computer allows teachers to use the internet to enhance their lessons. This could mean going to websites, using videos, or images to help students understand the lesson better.

    This also means the students have access to these resources. They can complete a project or research much easier than before.

  • Better Visual  – Because it’s connected to a computer you have more options in how your lessons look.
  • Technology Integration & Environmentally Friendly.

RskLink Apps (will be available starting January 2020)

  • Using a smart thermometer, teachers would be able to take attendance (sign in & out). Every si kecil will be provided with a smart identity card.
  • Your si kecil temperature will be taken and send data to parents mobile real-time.
  • Sharing an update on class activities/programs
  • Communication between parents and teachers
  • All these will be available on parent’s mobile via RskLink Apps.


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