4 ‘Myths’ about Small/Individual Preschool Brands.

Standardized Learning

All children are taught with the same content at the same pace regardless of the children’s abilities making the progress of the advance students slow and the other left behind

RskKids learn and thrive each day with a diverse, dynamic, and dedicated curriculum for all ages at our Center. Our teachers use the Creative Curriculum, as it allows them to integrate interactive teaching Methods organized by themes into their daily and weekly lesson plans. The teachers develop a weekly lesson plan that describes the theme and how it will be incorporated into art, literacy, music and movement, physical development, science, math and health lessons for the children.

Children will learn at their own pace and will be monitored individually

Same Age Classroom

The children are expected to learn the same lessons based on their ages. They are groomed to be standardized.

Even the standards are the same, at Rsk we use a different approach which is an age-appropriate level of understanding and creative ‘Learning by doing’ method. There are many sessions where si kecil will mix with other age to ensure si kecil interacts with different ages.

Dependent Learning

Children are too dependent on the teachers and typically, only a few benefits this arrangement.

Si Kecil is trained to be independent learners through various learning by doing activities (in groups/individual), ‘High Order Thinking Skills’ module and creative ‘play’ approaches. Teachers act as a facilitator, guiding si kecil throughout the learning process.

Franchisee/Small/Individual brand Operated

Small franchisee/small/Individual operated schools have limited resources to manage professionally. The quality of the school will depend on the individual owner.

Rskkids complies with a standard quality set by MOE which requires teachers to undergo hours of training. Also, teachers will go through continuous on the job training and countless observation. Rskkids also participates actively in Preschool Association (Persatuan Tadika Swasta) in exchanging expertise with other members to ensure the standard of quality is achieved.

In conclusion, it is wrong to generalize small/individual preschool as there are many preschools out there that use unique and different approaches. As parents, don’t assume everything is the same. Find out more about the preschool by having a discussion with the principal.

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