Rskkids Safety Updates

Ensuring Rsk Community Stays Safe Continues…

Rskkids continues to take meaningful actions in response to feedback from our parents along with relevant authorities like KPM and our Ministry of Health (MOH).

Rskkids is vigilant in meeting or exceeding guidelines from the authorities, as the safety of our si kecil and staffs are our utmost priority.

Here are some actions that Rskkids will and continue to take:

Rskkids would like to share the extra steps we are taking to ensure our si Kecil have a safe and comfortable learning experience while at Rumah Si Kecil (RSK).

September 2021

Prior to Rskkids School Reopening, all Staffs must be fully vaccinated.

Self COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test will be conducted once every two weeks among the school staffs.

Only fully vaccinated parents are allow to send their kids to school (Consensus between parents and Rsk management)

Parents are also encouraged to conduct Self COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test once every two weeks.

Parents who wish NOT to send si kecil to school will need to attend our online class which will be conducted LIVE same as the physical class. (Hybrid Class)

January 2021

The cleanliness of air si Kecil’s breathe is just as important. Rskkids is equipped with Air Purifiers with HEPA filters and freshen the classroom air.

On daily basis, our staff also use nano (electrostatic) spraying machines to sanitise the classrooms. This machine contains a disinfecting agent that clings to soft surfaces likes curtains and soft toys. Our staff change all linen on daily basis and wash them at high temperatures to sanitise them.

Cleanliness is just as important when it comes to si Kecil having their meal. We wash all cutleries at high temperatures.

For si Kecil’s safety, we also disinfect all stationeries and pack them individually.

Rest assured that all disinfectants used at our premise are approved by health authorities and safe for your si Kecil and our staff.

We are continuously reviewing and updating our safety precautions to ensure that every time you want si Kecil to stay with us, you can send them with confidence.

Latest update: 24th September 2021

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