Share your Hari raya excitement and moments with us. Tag @rskkids or hashtag #rskraya2019 for your Raya Moment photos on your social media. Add a caption on what is going on.

Getting ready for solat Sunat Hari Raya,

Bermaaf-maafan Session,

Visiting family, relatives & friends,

Enjoying Hari Raya Delicacies

and many more….

Look at an illustration on the poster (above) to get an idea.

Why do we need to do this?

  • While celebrating, si kecil would be able to access his/her friends experience as well. Parents can just use the hashtag and view all the photos together with your si kecil.
  • After the Raya break, Rsk will be having a special viewing and presentation session in school. With photos, si kecil would be able to tell a story and express themselves better.
  • As our experience on Raya may be differ from one another, sharing would be good way to look at things  differently. This is the best way to learn!


Unique experience and best photos with excellent informative caption will win a special price from us. #rskraya2019 Best Photo

Photo with the most LIKES on social media will receive a special price as well. #rskraya2019 Popular Photos

You may post photos as many as you can.

Closing Date : 10th June 2019.

IMPORTANT : Please ensure the photos that you post can be viewed by others (Public). If you set your photos on private, we would not be able to view it.

Participating social media : FB, IG & Twitter.

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