Rskkids Covid-19 General Safety Guidelines (Updated)

The COVID-19 safety guidelines (SOP) is specially written to guide Rskkids Community in taking necessary precautions to prevent COVID-19 infection. Here are some quick reference. Parents to conduct your own health screening at home before sending si kecil to school. Si kecil with fever ( >37.5C) or symptoms like coughing and flu is not allowedContinue reading “Rskkids Covid-19 General Safety Guidelines (Updated)”

New Online Interactive Learning @ RsK

What’s new at our centre? Introducing MeMo ‘Goes to School’ Lab Series – An online interactive-Learning and Teaching virtual school platform, based on a combination of Singapore’s education curriculum developed Turtlediary Online, an American award winning educational online programme. MeMo ‘Goes to School Lab Series provides students with fun and interactive educational learning programmes viaContinue reading “New Online Interactive Learning @ RsK”