What makes Rskkids a smart preschool?

Advance School Information System (ASIS) Parents would be able to access to Rskkids Management System. Online registration. No more filling up registration forms! It allows parents to access Rskkids Yearly Takwim (School Calendar), your fee details, Fee Reminder and Child Performance Report. Teachers use ASIS to update si kecil’s performance, communication with the management, LessonContinue reading “What makes Rskkids a smart preschool?”

Uniquely Rskkids Warrior Challenge

“Not your typical kindy sukaneka. Kids had to run through an obstacle course including flying fox and tug of war” One proud mother mentioned this on her Instagram caption. This is the third time Rskkids organized an outdoor RskGames since 2003. Uncertain weather conditions always one of the main points for consideration. We want toContinue reading “Uniquely Rskkids Warrior Challenge”

Celebrating diversity and culture in Malaysia

The second segment of Rskkids Concert this year is based on the theme “MALAYSIA”. It involves elements of storytelling in singing, dancing and acting, all combined in the form of a presentation. As a prelude of this segment, a group of tourist from all over the world come to Malaysia to see for themselves theContinue reading “Celebrating diversity and culture in Malaysia”