Rskkids Covid-19 General Safety Guidelines (Updated)

The New Normal (Updated May2022)

Ensuring Rskkids Community Stays Safe

Hello, from all of us at Rskkids. We are looking forward to welcoming si kecil to school again.

Lots of things have changed in the last few months but one thing has not, our promise to make sure si kecil is safe when with us.

The COVID-19 safety guidelines (SOP) is specially written to guide Rskkids Community in taking necessary precautions to prevent COVID-19 infection. Here are some quick reference.

  • Parents to conduct your own health screening at home before sending si kecil to school. Si kecil with fever ( >37.5C) or symptoms like coughing and flu is not allowed to go to school. Parents are advised to do an RTK test.

  • If any family members had any direct contact with a positive Covid-19 patient, si kecil is not allowed to go to school and should be quarantined.

Parents to encourage your si kecil to wear face masks, especially si kecil who has low body immunity.

Parents to provide face masks for their children. A face shield would be encouraged as well.

It starts with your arrival at school. To avoid congestion upon arrival/departure, a schedule will be set by the school. Parents are advised to contact the school for a preferred time slot arrangement.

The parent needs to drive through the designated drop-off area and wait for your turn to drop off your si Kecil. The teacher on duty will approach you 

The teacher’s on duty will visibly check your MySejahtera status. With effect from 1st May 2022, check-in/scanning is no longer required.

Schoolbag is allowed to be carried by si kecil. Items in the bag should be in a clear (plastic) sealed bag and properly labeled. (Water Tumbler/Snacks Box/Extra Clothing)

Minimizing contact also means, direct cash fee payments will not be available. Parents may instead make payments online via our Advance School Information System (ASIS). Your FPX payment will be updated in real-time and the receipt will be available for you to download. CLICK HERE to make an online payment.

No visitors will be allowed to enter the school premise during school operations hours when si kecil is present.

Upon entering the premise, every si kecil will go through a complete health screening process  via ASIS face recognition system (temperature will be automatically recorded and updated in the system for parents to refer to) 

Si Kecil with fever will not be allowed to enter the school premise and will be sent to an isolation area. 

Si kecil will wash his/her hands with soaps  (Using sanitizers is an alternative for  si kecil).  Si kecil will find easy access to handwashing facilities throughout the school as well as an increase in cleaning and disinfection to frequently visited areas.

New classroom setup/seating plan layout. Si kecil will have their own designated distancing seats. Si kecil will have his/her breakfast and learning activities at their own seats.

Outdoor may be conducted with physical distancing. 

Issue behaviors to si kecil and record their adherence to physical distancing. Before the session starts, si kecil will be briefed accordingly. A chart of compliance will be available to encourage si kecil to comply with the standard practice.

Staff to practice good housekeeping. In the classroom, tables to be cleaned every session ends as well as their learning equipment.  Si kecil will wash their hands at the end of every session. Toilets are regularly disinfected for si kecil comfort and safety.

Be observant. Identifying at-risk si kecil with an underlying health condition with special care and attention. Si kecil with symptoms will be quarantined immediately and parents will be notified.

To ensure learning continues for every si kecil, Rskkids will be providing an online platform service (hybrid) for si kecil who are unable to attend school due to health reasons upon request. Simple assignments will be prepared on a weekly basis if required.

Rskkids Community will practice good communication within the community. Should there be any changes on SOPs, (after been reviewed by Rskkids Standard & Performance Committee) everyone will be informed via all medium of communication available.

In order to ensure to safety of our si kecil, we strongly urge parents to avoid bringing si kecil to public places (malls, public parks etc) in order to create safe zones (home and school) for Rskkids community.  Limit si kecil movement between these two zones only.

As Parents safely returned home from work or anywhere,  please ensure that

  • No direct contact with other siblings. Have a shower first.
  • Soak/Wash used clothing with soap/detergent.

Throughout your si kecil stay with us, rest assured that we are working hard and using the latest technology to make sure your si kecil is safe and well informed.

Thank you.

Rskkids Standard & Performance Committee.


The guidelines above are a fraction of complete SOPs issued by Rskkids for parent’s quick reference only. Parents may ask to view our complete SOPs.

Raya Yang Dirindui

Raya Yang Dirindui

ialah sebuah projek khas Tadika Rumah Si Kecil Pintar (RskPintar) Seksyen 7, Shah Alam dalam usaha membawa, memperkenalkan dan mengimbau kenangan hari raya di kampung halaman bersama sanak saudara. Berkonsepkan ‘role play’ dan ‘photoshoot’ si kecil mengikut tahap umur diberikan suasana Syawal dalam 3 situasi iaitu Menjelang Syawal, Persediaan Juadah Aidilfitri (REWANG) & Pagi 1 Syawal. Selain daripada mengimbau kenangan, projek ini juga bakal menjadi sumber/bahan rujukan pembelajaran si kecil di masa akan datang.

Ibubapa digalakkan untuk melihat gambar ini bersama si kecil dan berinteraksilah mengunakan pengalaman sendiri dengan si kecil anda berdasarkan situasi dalam gambar tersebut. Ibubapa juga boleh membuat Projek sendiri dengan mengambil gambar versi raya sebenar yang dilalui bersama keluarga sepanjang perayaan kelak. Kongsi gambar berkenaan di media sosial dengan hashtag #rskraya2021 untuk tatapan warga rskkids yang lain.

Terima kasih kepada Team RskPintar atas initiatif kreatif ini dan juga kepada Arjuna Creative Media kerana melengkapkan dan menjadikan projek ini satu realiti.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, maaf-zahir & batin

Abdul Rahman Abd Jalil (Pengurus Rskkids)

Menjelang Syawal

Persiapan detik terakhir adalah elemen kebersamaan raya yang dirindui. Menunggu pengumuman raya di kaca tv dengan penuh debaran. Jika hari raya diumumkan keesokkan harinya maka kelam kabutlah warga serumah mengemas dan menghias rumah. Bermain bunga api bersama rakan saat yang amat dinanti si kecil di malam hari raya. Tidur bersama sanak saudara adalah memori indah yang sukar dilupakan.

Persediaan Juadah Aidilfitri (Rewang)

Juadah Aidilfitri ialah satu proses yang memerlukan kebersamaan dalam penyediaannya. Rendang, Ketupat, Dodol, Serunding, Lemang, kuih raya dan pelbagai juadah tradisi raya dibuat bersama.

Definisi : (réwang) gotong-royong sebagai per­siapan menjayakan sesuatu majlis – Kamus Dewan

Pagi 1 Syawal

Si kecil bangun awal, berpakaian tradisi baju melayu/kurung lengkap, bersiap sedia untuk sesi bermaafan dan pemberian duit raya. Tidak dilupa sesi bergambar bersama ahli keluarga yang lain. Takbir berkumandang dan tiba masanya untuk Solat sunat hari raya. Dikuti dengan budaya kunjung mengunjung sambil menikmati juadah hari raya yang disediakan.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Maaf Zahir & Batin dari kami Warga Rskkids

Rskkids Home Learning

Hi parents,

Rskkids has launched our own online home learning via Google Classroom.

During the school closure, (23rd March onwards) resources of supplemental learning will be made available.

  • To access via phone/tablet, Parents need to download Google Classroom Apps through google play store or Apple Store
  • To access via desktop, just access through
  • Log in using your Google ID (You must have an email account with Gmail/Google)
  • Join Class. Enter the class code given. (Class code will be given by your class teacher via WhatsApp) Code given should not be shared with others.

Should you need more information please contact your si Kecil’s class teacher.

Rskkids Educators will be preparing lesson plans, the material needed for Online Home Learning. (On weekly basis)

Materials for learning are pack and place into a special file. Materials are sorted according to days (Monday-Friday)

Rskkids will be distributing materials on a weekly basis. It can be delivered to your doorstep or ready for collection. (Please refer to your respective Rskkids Centre,  on schedule, or method of distributing as it is subject to logistic and operational requirement)

Learning will then start. A proposed schedule will be provided but parents may conduct learning sessions anytime at parent’s own convenience.

Step by step instruction, objectives on learning, will be provided in the Google Classroom for parents to refer to. A video link will also be there for visual understanding on subjects related. Depending on si kecil level of understanding, the teacher may provide additional (enrich) task for si kecil to complete.

The class teacher will have a private video session (1-3 si kecil depending on slots availability) with si kecil on a daily basis. During the session, there will be an interaction between si kecil and the class teacher. Si kecil will be asked on the task given on that particular day. The class teacher will also pick up a subject to review it together during the live private session.

While conducting private session si kecil will be assessed on their level of understanding. Completed tasks or worksheets will be returned to the teachers on a weekly basis.

Si Kecil’s progress evaluated by the class teacher, once every two weeks. A special report issued to parents. Si kecil who has been completing the task as required will be rewarded a certificate. A special visual chart on their achievement available as a form of encouragement will be made available as well.