What is Parents Online Section for?

Available for Pre School & Transit KindyCare Services only.

RsK online school administration and student information system (ASIS) makes it easy for parents to stay connected and informed.

Information online, anytime – is truly web-based which means you can stay connected and informed from any computer with an Internet connection

Attendance – Easily check attendance in real time.

Performance – No more wondering how your child is performing, or waiting for report cards.

SMS Notification – Parents can easily receive sms alert on due tuition fees, due dates, and much more.

Schedules – makes it easy to check on your child class schedule.

School Calendar – Easily and quickly view details of school-related events like sports, games, practice times, community events, and more.

School documents – Easily access school and classroom documents anytime online.

School Notification Letters – Go green! Help your school go paperless – no more letters that get stuffed in backpacks, never get read and ended up in the rubbish bin.

School and Classroom Photos/Videos – View all the photos or videos that teachers have uploaded to RsK FB group/youtube channel – trips, class projects, sporting events, activities, plays, etc.

Account Balances – View real-time information and balances on tuition fee and other fees.

For registered parents to access, just simply click “Parents Online” on the menu (upper left) on this page.

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