Rskkids Curriculum



RskKids learn and thrive each day with a diverse, dynamic, and dedicated curriculum for all ages at our Center. Our teachers use the Creative Curriculum, as it allows them to integrate interactive teaching Methods organized by themes into their daily and weekly lesson plans. The teachers develop a weekly lesson plan that describes the theme and how it will be incorporated into art, literacy, music and movement, physical development, science, math, and health lessons for the children.

 RsK Multimedia Learning

RsKkids Multimedia Learning is one set of real time interactive teaching platform integrating the contents of school teaching materials to teach in an interactive way, which can increase sikecil’s learning interest and has convenience and expansibility in teaching;

Teachers will present various learning material on the screen interactively.

In our selected centre which provide *premium e-learning services, we allocated our large touchscreen smart board system with cloud platform to promote the communication and attention of teachers and si kecil, learning the interactive way.


RsK Multimedia Learning Programme (e-teaching) covers Linguistic & Literacy : Bahasa Malaysia & English.

Early Mathematics & Science will also be included in our academic syllabus.

 Phonic Reading Programme

A good phonics programme should enable the children to learn the skills meaningfully. RsK Reading Programme (Bahasa Malaysia & English) lets the children learn  words in context. Besides phonetics words, children also learn side words (many of which are high frequency words) so that they can apply their skills in reading real books. The sense of achievement when children learn at young age will spur them to read even more!

Islamic Education 

Comprehensive Pendidikan Islam Programmes that includes six interesting modules. Iqra’, Kalimah/Hafazan, Solat, Adab (Manners), Arabic and Jawi.

  Creative Arts & Music

Fun activities and great school projects  (crafts, painting, drawing, colouring, invention [LEGO] and many more) In addition, the Center offers a Multi-Cultural hands on music program once a week so that all our classrooms enjoy the specialized music classes.

Rskkids Club

Rskkids offers si kecil (pre school children) an exceptional experience that will introduce them to the joy of learning and beyond normal classroom setting . The programme, encourages young learners to take risk, exploring and imagine through hands on learning.

The programme currently consist of 6 main parts. These include WaterPlay, Stepping Into Science, Archery, Messy ArCraft, Little Chef-preneur & Special Projects.  More parts of the programme will be developed by Rskkids in the future.

Archery has many benefits for kids including confidence building and improve focus.
Practicing and competing with a team or coach teaches si kecil respects, sportsmanship and teamwork. Whether solo, or as a team archers interact while having their goals and determination.

Junior Chef-preneur – Food is a fascinating subject for si kecil. Some of them might be intrigued by how to prepare food and how meals come together.
Si Kecil will learn on how to prepare food, how dishes they eat are put together – and they get hands on experience, which is a great way to learn and feel like they are helping out. Si Kecil will be selling most of their food product and keep the profit in their own coin box.

Stepping Into Science – Si Kecil will be brimming with curiosity and eargerness to learn about the world around them. We not only encourages kids to ask questions about their world but give them the tool they need to seek answers.

Water Play – Water is fun, soothing activity where children can learn, socializing and play with others. Water Play can help children to develope hand-eye coordination, exploring new things, improve balance and strength.

Messy Art Craft  Arts & Crafts develop mentally, socially, and emotionally. Creating art may boost young children’s ability to analyze and problem-solve in myriad ways. Most important perhaps, when kids feel good while they are creating, art helps boost self-confidence. And children who feel able to experiment and to make mistakes feel free to invent new ways of thinking, which extends well beyond the craft room.

Project Based Learning engages si kecil in developing ideas and topics/themes while dealing with real world issues. Learning in a project based setting involves students trying to answer a question that interests them and creating a real world projects that answers or addresses the question. In some projects, short field trips will be part of the projects  to have better understanding on topic or theme given. To name a few, Farm Animals, NegaraKu, Simulasi Haji Cilik are examples of projects conducted every year.

Additional Enhancement

Sand play promotes physical development. Large muscle skills develop as si kecil dig, pour, sift, scoop, and clean up spills with brush and dustpan. Eye-hand coordination and small muscle control improve as si kecil learn to manipulate sand accessories. Sand play also promotes social skills.

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