RsKkids Extended Services (Optional)

Optional Services

RsK KindyCare Transit

(Afternoon Session)

  • Starts at 12 noon
  • Lunch at 1pm
  • Iqra at 1.30pm
  • Bestari Solat/Fardu Ain at 2.15 pm (age 5 & 6 years old) / Afternoon Nap (3+/4 years old)
  • Afternoon Tea Break at 4pm
  • School Prep/ Activities at 4.30pm
  • Indoor/Outdoor Games/TV Session at 5pm
  • Ends at 6pm

More Info about RsK Transit KIndyCare <CLICK HERE>

RsK Enrichment Mentor Programme

(Conducted from 12.15 noon until 1.00pm) 2-3 session weekly basis except Mandarin (One session only)

  • English (Reading)/Pandai Membaca/Iqra’/Mandarin
  • One to one approach
  • Personal Monitoring/Coaching

More Info about RsK Enrichment Mentor Programme  <CLICK HERE>

RsK School Holidays KindyCare

(Available during school holidays)

  • From 8.00 am until 6 pm
  • Fun Indoor Activities
  • School Prep


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