Good bye, Good Luck Class of 2014

Tadika Rumah Si Kecil 2014 Graduates

For Parents & Si Kecil who are leaving us….

Wherever your child’s future leads, RSK will be praying, watching and cheering for you. We are looking forward for updates from your lives and seeing where your child’s education leads.

Class of 2014 Tadika Rumah Si Kecil

Parents, before you go though, we want to make sure we say thank you for sharing your pride and joy with us. We hope that your child’s short journey and experience at RSK can inspire others half as much as you have inspired us.

Congratulations parents. Continue to be an effective leader, be inspired and best of luck in your future.

In syaa Allah, we will be seeing you again.

Good bye, Good Luck Class of 2014


Check out our graduation video for your viewing pleasure.

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