Celebrating diversity and culture in Malaysia


The second segment of Rskkids Concert this year is based on the theme “MALAYSIA”. It involves elements of storytelling in singing, dancing and acting, all combined in the form of a presentation.

As a prelude of this segment, a group of tourist from all over the world come to Malaysia to see for themselves the diversity of cultures and to enjoy the beauty of Malaysia.

Among  places visited were Chow Kit Road , state of Johor and Sabah .

In Chow Kit Road , tour guide Hanan, introduced the tourists, the largest wet market where there are many kinds of famous Malaysian food as well as various types of local fruits .

Playacting infused with dancing and singing starting with the iconic Malaysian song “Chow Kit Road” made popular by Allahyarham Sudirman Hj Arshad.



Stay tuned for more videos update on Rskkids Youtube channel. http://www.youtube.com/rumahsikecil

*more updates soon*

Videos : Opening act

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