A Day In Their Shoes

Imagine going to school, conducting assembly, facilitating and planning learning activities,  while interacting with children with their tantrums and fulfilling their needs. Not many parents are fully aware and understand how challenging it is to be early childhood educators nowadays.

Parents of RskPintar Seksyen 7 Shah Alam , last Saturday had the opportunity to be in their kid’s shoes for a day! Instead of having only parenting talks, seminars to create awareness among young parents, ADITS ( A Day In Their Shoes) seems to be an interactive fun way for parents. While enjoying themselves being kids and experiencing the basic fundamentals of early childhood education, indirectly they will understand the role of preschool teachers better.

“Learning by doing is our way here. It’s developmentally appropriate because si kecil discover best through their senses, through movement, and through their sense of wonder and curiosity about the world around them.”

“Since its very effective with si kecil, we think that having the same approach for parents would fit our concept very well” Mr. Ray Rahman, Rskkids co-founder answered when asked why such programme initiated by Rskkids Management for parents.

Teacher Fatin who has been the key person planing for ADITS @RskPintar, further explained “ADITS is one of the unique, effective and reputable program that held by most of the A list kindergartens in Selangor for the past years. When we heard that there is a workshop organize on ADITS, we take the chance to attend and find out more about it”.

Excited about ADITS, many parents find it as fun and a great way to understand better what our kids going through on a daily basis. “Its pure fun pretending being kids again. I had a great time. I guess that parents will be closer to teachers after this. Great bonding moment! ” one of many positive comments by parents on ADITS.

Parents were gathered for a short briefing after they were divided into groups. Right after the ” Si Kecil Mode” officially initiated, parents start their day with attending an assembly. After the assembly, parents move around in small groups from one station to another.

“There are 6 stations altogether. Gross Motor Skills (Physical Activities), Fine Motor Skills, Story Telling, Creative Arts, Writing and Musical Activities are the stops or checkpoints that parents need to complete. Each station needs to get a sticker. Every station needs to be completed within 5 minutes.” Teacher Siti explained the process that parents need to go through.

“Alhamdulillah. It went very well. Congratulations to RskPintar Team for organizing. In sya Allah, our first branch RskUtama turn’s after this” Pn Juli Suriani Rskkids Co-founder comments on ADITS while attending the programme as an observer. “It will be challenged as we have more parents in Seremban. 70 parents. Maybe parents who just joined us this year for a start” she added.



Trivia : ADITS initiated by Ibu Zarah, Early Childhood Education practitioner/ founder Az-Zahrah Education Network


Video On ADITS RskPintar.

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