Uniquely Rskkids Warrior Challenge

“Not your typical kindy sukaneka. Kids had to run through an obstacle course including flying fox and tug of war”

One proud mother mentioned this on her Instagram caption.

This is the third time Rskkids organized an outdoor RskGames since 2003. Uncertain weather conditions always one of the main points for consideration. We want to play safe by having all our games indoor. Last year, we did it by the beach and it rains heavily in the morning and we have to delay our games to a few hours later.

We have to take that risk again this year. We want a place that is different and exciting for si kecil. As soon as we discovered “Skyride Festival Park Putrajaya”, we straight away know that this is the perfect place for our unique concept.

Why Rsk Games 2018 is unique? Here are our 5 main reasons.

1. This place offers 12 obstacles purpose-build to strengthen si kecil’s muscles and motor coordination skills.

2. Rsk Games 2018 kicks off with a simple opening ceremony. Si kecil from three Rskkids Centres divided into 4 groups according to colours. They march, cheer and pledge to do their best.

Every team have their own unique theme

3. Besides running through obstacles, si kecil warrior will also challenge their mental and physical strength through “Tug Of War” (Tarik Tali).

It’s very rare seeing kids under 6 years old doing this.

4. The parent helps out designing and decorating House Tent to contribute points for the overall championship.

Parents come up with their own idea, concept and taking their own time while having a secret meetings to come up with their own idea.

5. We are overwhelmed with the support and love by parents. SkyRides Festival Park complimented parents for being sporting and happening.

Pictures: Mothers don’t mind getting wet. It’s just water anyway.

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