Rskkids Home Learning

Hi parents,

Rskkids has launched our own online home learning via Google Classroom.

During the school closure, (23rd March onwards) resources of supplemental learning will be made available.

  • To access via phone/tablet, Parents need to download Google Classroom Apps through google play store or Apple Store
  • To access via desktop, just access through
  • Log in using your Google ID (You must have an email account with Gmail/Google)
  • Join Class. Enter the class code given. (Class code will be given by your class teacher via WhatsApp) Code given should not be shared with others.

Should you need more information please contact your si Kecil’s class teacher.

Rskkids Educators will be preparing lesson plans, the material needed for Online Home Learning. (On weekly basis)

Materials for learning are pack and place into a special file. Materials are sorted according to days (Monday-Friday)

Rskkids will be distributing materials on a weekly basis. It can be delivered to your doorstep or ready for collection. (Please refer to your respective Rskkids Centre,  on schedule, or method of distributing as it is subject to logistic and operational requirement)

Learning will then start. A proposed schedule will be provided but parents may conduct learning sessions anytime at parent’s own convenience.

Step by step instruction, objectives on learning, will be provided in the Google Classroom for parents to refer to. A video link will also be there for visual understanding on subjects related. Depending on si kecil level of understanding, the teacher may provide additional (enrich) task for si kecil to complete.

The class teacher will have a private video session (1-3 si kecil depending on slots availability) with si kecil on a daily basis. During the session, there will be an interaction between si kecil and the class teacher. Si kecil will be asked on the task given on that particular day. The class teacher will also pick up a subject to review it together during the live private session.

While conducting private session si kecil will be assessed on their level of understanding. Completed tasks or worksheets will be returned to the teachers on a weekly basis.

Si Kecil’s progress evaluated by the class teacher, once every two weeks. A special report issued to parents. Si kecil who has been completing the task as required will be rewarded a certificate. A special visual chart on their achievement available as a form of encouragement will be made available as well.

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